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Wednesday May 24th - Indigo Kid  2030 - 2300

Wednesday May 24th - Indigo Kid 2030 - 2300


Dan Messore (guitar) leads the ensemble with Gareth Lochrane (flutes)

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A hefty crew carve fresh musical ground through the wistful signature of Messore’s compositions. Harnessing the beautiful power of Lloyd Haines (drums) and Calum Gourlay (bass) in the rhythm section, the fiercely talented lyricism of Gareth Lockrane (flutes) and Messore’s seemingly inexhaustible technique and spontaneous imagination. Contemporary jazz influenced by a broad palette, beautiful compositions and melodic improvisations.
“ Messore is a gifted and accessible composer, and a sophisticated guitar soloist whose jazz roots go deep “
John Fordham, The Gaurdian


“From moments of almost unbearable tenderness and melancholy in pieces like The Healing Process, through the playful and dancing, to the dark and anguished this album is a significant achievement for a distinctive and confident musician. “ – Mike Collins, London Jazz News


“This is a fine and original album from a highly distinctive musician leading an exceptional band.”
Peter Bacon, thejazzbreakfast.

"...it’s fair to quote names like Pat Metheny and the aforesaid Frisell as references, but the seam of jazz Messore is mining goes further back to such as Charlie Byrd and Jim Hall."

      - Kevin Le Genre BBC Music Review


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